Oral Surgery

Oral surgery consists of cosmetics, orthodontic or restorative dental procedures and treatments that require surgical intervention to fix issues with your teeth, mouth, gums and jaws. Maxillofacial or oral surgeons are the dentists specialized in these types of procedures. While it is a surgical procedure, it is not done at a hospital but rather in the comfort of your dentist’s office. These procedures usually utilize some type of sedation, depending on the treatment needed, and your doctor can go over the different sedation options that are best for that particular procedure and your safety and comfort.

Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is one of the procedures more commonly taken care of in oral surgery. A bone grafting procedure could be a requirement for some patients before they undergo other treatments such as dental implants. This surgical procedure is needed in order to rebuild the bone material that has been lost due to disease or fractured due to trauma. If your jaw bone is not strong enough or there is not enough bone to support your teeth or dental implants, a bone graft will be needed.


The process of bone grafting consists of using an auto, allogenic or xenogenic graft and placing the bone material in the areas of the jaw where the bone has weakened or fractured, or it has been lost. The bone-like materials are given time so the cells can start rebuilding and strengthening the bone. Once the bone has recovered its mass and strength, it can now support and secure a dental implant and return functionality to the jaw bone.

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