Teeth Extractions

There are several reasons why your dentist might recommend having one or a few of your teeth extracted. When a tooth is beyond repair, and the doctor is no longer able to restore it due to the extent of the damage, a wisdom tooth is impacted, or a tooth is coming through at an odd angle, an extraction might be recommended.

Teeth extractions can remove the whole tooth, or in more complicated cases piece by piece. It is removed from the socket by special tools that resemble pliers, or surgically removed by cutting into the gum to fully extract it. Usually, this method is required depending on the size of the root. Once the tooth is removed, the gum is left to heal and close up with extra care being taken so that there are no infections or complications. Once the tooth has been extracted, there are different options for teeth replacement that can fully restore your smile in no time. From crowns and bridges to dental implants, there are plenty restorative solutions.

Extractions require local anesthesia to have a more comfortable procedure. The anesthesia will numb the area, and it is in the form of a gel that is applied directly to your gum that will block any pain. This anesthetic gel will then be followed by an injection, which will instantly numb the area. Usually extractions can take from a few minutes if surgery is not required.

The most common form of extraction is wisdom teeth extraction, and just like a normal extraction, the procedure can take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on each case.

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