Wisdom Teeth Removal

Your wisdom teeth are the back molars in both your upper and lower set of teeth. These molars are the last of your teeth to erupt during the ages of 17 to 25. Wisdom teeth need to be removed for several reasons: if there is no space for them, if they erupt in the wrong position or if they have become impacted or stuck in the gums. A simple extraction will require to rocking the tooth out of its socket, while a more complicated extraction will require a surgical incision that could need general anesthesia or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to keep you relaxed and pain-free during the procedure.

Recovery Time

Recovery time for a wisdom teeth removal procedure depends on the complexity of the procedure as well as the healing capacities of each patient. If it is a simple removal, the recovery time is usually of a few days for most patients. Minor discomfort, swelling and bleeding can be experienced during those days but can be alleviated with painkillers and ice packs. If the removal gets more complicated, and surgical incisions are needed for extraction. The recovery time might take longer, one or two weeks, as the sutures have to dissolve or be taken out after the incision has healed.


Once you have your wisdom teeth removed, you need to let your gums heal, so dentists recommend you keep a liquid diet for the first few days. Avoid hot or cold liquids, and eat water-based ice creams that can help with the swelling. After the first couple of days, depending on how you are healing, you can start with gelatins, smoothies, applesauce, etc. Once you have healed, you can begin to try with harder foods and see if there is any bleeding or discomfort when chewing.

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